ESEH Conference 2023


University of Bern – Grosse Schanze

The Grosse Schanze green in front of the main building, a suitable place to have a short stay outside during the coffee and lunch breaks. In the background the Federal Palace and the tops of the Bernese Alps

University of Bern – Unitobler

The Unitobler built in the early 20th century once served as a chocolate factory and has been adapted for university purposes in the 1990s. It now hosts parts of the Faculty of Humanities and will be one of the main venues for the sessions.

Map Unitobler

University of Bern – UniS

The modern UniS building close to the main building, the second venue of the conference with additional lecture rooms.

Map UniS

  1. University of Bern, UniS
    Schanzeneckstrasse 1
  2. University of Bern, Unitobler
    Länggassstrasse 49
  3. Main railway station Bern
    Exit «Welle»

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City Map