ESEH Conference 2023


The University of Bern has declared itself becoming a «Green University». Sustainability, climate and environmental studies are not only important strategic research focuses, but the university has also started an agenda to become CO2 neutral by 2025. University facilities have a high standard in terms of sustainability, and we follow those guidelines for our conference organisation.

We avoid large amounts of paper (writing paper and ballpoints only on request at the conference desk, printed programme only if explicitly ordered). Our conference bag will be made of recycled cotton and contains a re-usable coffee mug made of sugar cane. Please use this personal present for your coffee and tea consumption, because we will not serve coffee cups or one-way mugs during the coffee and lunch breaks. Furthermore, we ask you to bring your own drinking bottle with you. Cold soft drinks will be served, but also tap water in Bern has excellent quality. The food served for the lunch buffet will be organic and mostly regional, with daily vegetarian and vegan options only (including special dietetic or allergic requirements).

We undertake most of our excursions by using public transport. Finally, we ask you to travel to Bern ecologically friendly (train, long-distance coaches), if anyhow possible.