ESEH Conference 2023


Similar to the former ESEH Conferences, we will offer a wide range of excursions on the last day (i.e. after the four days with plenary lectures, sessions, poster presentations, etc.). 

Full-day excursions on 26 August 2023

Half-day excursion on 25 and 26 August 2023

Please consider that we undertake all excursions by public transport or coaches. The prices shown distinguish between group rates for participants without any reduction cards and those holding a GA / Swiss Travel Pass or a SBB Halbtax. When registering you can signalise that you are a GA / Swiss Travel Pass holder or a SBB Halbtax holder, which reduces the overall price accordingly. You can also book an additional lunch package at 10 CHF (vegetarian) and in some cases a pre-booked lunch in a restaurant, both at a reduced fee as well.

Swiss Travel Pass
SBB Halbtax (Half Fare Travelcard)

2-hour excursions

We will also offer smaller 2-hour excursions to explore the historical city of Bern and its surroundings on the day before the beginning of the conference, during the conference and on the day of excursions. We collaborate with «StattLand», a creative tour guide service co-founded by some of our former students.